TC02 - Networked learning

TC02 – Networked learning
An active knowledge exchange of the net generation takes place on the Internet in several networks. The main objective of the module is the systematic use of this potential in the education.

The module gives an introduction to the network theory and to the connectivism as a learning theory. It introduces in educational use of interactive 2.0 tools in the networks. The teachers will explore the ways of collaborative network learning, of collaborative knowledge building and of educational knowledge management. They will create e-portfolios, they will learn how to use e-portfolios and how to organize the learning into network.
-    Introduction in the main ideas
-    E-portfolios in network learning
-    Social networks in education
-    Educational use of social games
-    Educational use of social bookmarking

The author of the module is dr. István Bessenyei the well-known Hungarian researcher who was one of the firsts who conceptualized necessity of the educational changes generated by the digital age more than ten years ago.

Target group
We offer this module for all teachers and trainers throughout Europe who are interested in adapting their pedagogical practices to meet the needs of the students born into the digital age.
Primary target group: teachers and trainers of vocational and adult education, staff of higher education, students of VET schools, university students of teacher education

Secondary target groups: headmasters of VET schools, European e-learning providers, HE institutes for teacher education.


Area of application
The module can be used independently from other modules of the Tenegen course for further training program of teachers, trainers and for the staff of HE - to develop their e-learning 2.0 competences, their advanced digital competences, networking methods. The module has a well elaborated technological background to carry out successful further training programs, but works really well together with the pedagogical model developed by the Tenegen consortium, with an intensive support of tutors.

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Further information:

Dr. István Bessenyei
West-Hungarian University

Mária Hartyányi managing director
Prompt Educational Center for Informatics, Hungary

Address: Testvérvárosok útja 28.
City: Gödöllő
ZIP: H-2010

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