TENEGEN - Connect the TEachers to reach and teach the NEt GENeration - LLP-LdV-TOI-2008-HU-016
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Teaching methods are having to continuously change and adapt to suit the needs, and meet the expectations, of our information society. Whether we willingly accept this, or not, this revolution is happening. There is a new generation of students living amongst us -- those born between 1980-1990 -- and now called the Net Generation.  These students learn and communicate differently from previous generations.  They find information quickly and readily from the Internet, as part of an every day life which is now unthinkable without computers. These 'digital natives' are always connected to information and to one another.   To be able to guide the net Gen students on the way to become a citizen of the knowledge society, teachers have to experience of and show confidence in how they can incorporate social networking, connectivism, knowledge sharing  in their educational activities using what is described as the phenomenon of web 2.0  and elearning 2.0.
A recent case study in Hungary found that 73% of vocational education and training students are sceptical about their teachers’ skills to apply ICT in class. With partners from Hungary, Turkey, Germany and the UK, the TENEGEN networking environment (TNE) was created.  TNE helps teachers to study and experience the newest e-learning methods, by cooperating, communicating, providing and sharing knowledge – where they can learn why it is so important for the NET Generation “to be connected”. Tenegen Team
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