Needs Analysis


To start a quite new methodology in teachers' further training on e-learning - we have to exactly see the preliminary competences of the would be participants. Tenegen consortium devepoled an online survey based on a questionnaire with 50 questions to carry out the needs-analysis. The platform and the questionnaire is available in five languages (HU, IT, DE, TR, EN): .

Target group

Direct target group: supervisors, tutors, instructors who will take part in the establishment of the course.
Indirect: e-learning providers, e-learning designers, tutors, instructors who want to establish a successful online course for teachers to develop their e-learning 2.0 competences.


The needs-analysis was carried out by using online questionnaire with 50 questions elaborated by the Tenegen consortium.
As a result we offer two products:
1. the online questionnaire for any other survey to measure teachers' e-learning 2.0 competences.
2. The analysis is based on 110 samples in Hungary with the participants of teachers and trainers of vocational education and of HE.

Area of application

Every e-learning provider can use the results for designing further training program to develop e-learning competences of teachers and trainers. Besides that Tenegen consortium offers the survey portal and the online questionnaire for research carried out in any European country.


The questionnaire was developed by Tenegen Consortium and the portal was implemented by Prompt Education Ltd. The statistical analysis was elaborated and the consequences were formulated by:

Maria Hartyányi, Prompt Education, Hungary
e-mail: zsolt.retsaghy@prompt,hu
Dr. István Bessenyei, West-Hungarian University

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