Tenegen Pedagogical Model


TPM was elaborated to establish common, reusable and unified specifications, defining both the pedagogical and technological aspects of the further training program. It gives a conceptual basis for creating clear consistency among the course components: all of the planed competencies should be strongly supported by the generated activities (searching, selecting, discussions, collaboration) and the assessment should be based on the measure of the quantity and quality of the activities processed by the teacher. All the planed activities, developed skills and learning outcomes will be a small part in developing the teachers’ ability to apply the knowledge in a complex pedagogical tasks based on network learning theory and using the e-learning 2.0 tools. Tenegen modules:

TC01    E-learning concepts
TC02    Networked Learning
TC03    Educational ICT tools
TC04    Classroom event in Moodle
TC05    Sharing Learning Objects

Tenegen Pedagogical Model
1.    is based on the results of the survey of needs-analysis carried on in Hungary and Turkey involving the primary target group (VET teachers and trainers);
2.    focuses on the demands of the secondary target group, of the Net Generation;
3.    is based on the results of two former LdV projects, NETIS and SLOOP;
4.    utilizes the experiences of the – in the Hungarian system accredited – e-learning course for VET teachers “E-learning – the future of the schools” developed by Prompt Educational Centre for Informatics;
5.    integrates the present suggestions and standards in the European and worldwide e-learning developments – from both technological and pedagogical aspects;
6.    integrates the worldwide achievements of the new pedagogical paradigm of connectivism.

Target group

Direct target group: supervisors, tutors, instructors who will take part in the establishment of the course.
Indirect: e-learning providers, e-learning designers, tutors, instructors who want to establish a successful online course for teachers to develop their e-learning 2.0 competences.


Tenegen Pedagogical Model is the documentation of the learning objectives, learning outcomes of the Tenegen course, with the Tenegen Competency Framework (TCF) demonstrating the dependencies among the skills and competences. It defines the assignments so that they ensure the correct measure of the learning outcomes.

Area of application

Tenegen Pedagogical Model
-    can serve as a model for planning online further training programs,
-    gives a basis for educational institutes, e-learning providers who want to establish Tenegen course
-    covers all the conceptual backgrounds for the course organizers, for the instructors and tutors who will supervise the course.

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