Tenegen Networking Environment

TNE – is an online platform for teachers’ further training to develop their advanced digital competences. It diverges radically from the "traditional" e-learning 1.0 frames, its components were designed to transplant the newest teaching/learning theories into living pedagogical practice.
It is an open learning platform for a living online collaboration, to involve the teachers into an exiting discovery together with contemporaries. In TNE participants could experience what it means
- to be connected,
- to be an active member of a creative online community,
- to participate in building open repository of learning objects and share creative online products with others in “Open Perspective”
- to share ideas about the educational necessities: how to help students to navigate safely in the network, how to help them to obtain a quite new media literacy?


TNE is an online platform (available in three languages - EN, HU, TR) with rich training content and tools for collaboration. TNE supports a constructivist approach to learning through by Moodle's modularity, and integrates several Web 2.0 tools like the open source e-portfolio system Mahara. To facilitate the collaboration and knowledge sharing we used all practical techniques suggested by the learning theorists of connectivism. The standard e-learning 1.0 course components (core content delivered by different media, learning guides, glossaries, self assessment tools, assignments, quizzes, built in games, etc.), and the web 2.0 tools (blogs, social bookmarks, storytelling applications, mind-mapping tools, RSS aggregators, social networks, e-portfolio) are combined in Tenegen platform.

Target group

Primary target group: teachers and trainers of vocational and adult education, headmasters of VET schools, staff of higher education, students of VET schools, university students.
Secondary target groups: European e-learning providers, HE institutes for teacher education.
E-learning platform with five modules for teachers in three languages (English, Hungarian and Turkish) based on Moodle LMS. Web 2.0 tools (e-portfolio, storytelling, social networking tools, social bookmarking etc.) are integrated into the "traditional" LMS. The product was piloted in Hungary with the participants of 60 educators from all level of educations with great success. The participants created blogs, e-portfolios, carried out common online research. Agora - the common forum of the course generated a very intensive collaboration in the discussions connected to the main conception of the course: how to integrate the networking methods, web 2.0 tools into the daily practice of the educational institutes.
Area of application
TNE can be used for further training program of teachers, trainers and for the staff of HE - to develop their e-learning 2.0 competences, their advanced digital competences, networking methods. It has a well designed and elaborated technological background to carry out successful further training programs, but works really well together with the pedagogical model developed by the Tenegen consortium, with an intensive support of tutors. We offer to use TNE as a model to turn the traditional further training programs of teachers to meet the requirements of the information society.
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