Progress report 5

Project period: July-September 2009.

In the "Palermo Minutes" I summarized all our tasks for the next months, so in this document I will point out only the most important tasks.

All partners:

Check the basic document of the project QMH. It was evaluated by Ed. Mahood (thank you!), I reflected to its suggestion in the report, here.
Fill out your records into the dissemination plan - you need not to write into all the fields, but do it, please! You find the summary of the dissemination activities here.
See the news and changes on the portal: timeline for Tenegen, you find it under the menu "Project plan". You may give comments to every events we planned, if you open one of the links below the graphics.
Please publish information about topics related to Tenegen aims - going on in your countr, or everywhere in the world.

Statistical elaboration of the results of the Hungarian survey.
Content development - Hungarian version of TC01, TC03, TC04.
Organizing the training for tutors in Hungary.
Organizing the enrolment of the Hungarian participants.

Implementation of  the prototype of TenLOs,
Publishing  the 4th issue of the newsletter
Finishing the translation of the questionnaire. Please inform us if you were ready, because we (or you) should ask the editors of to publish it on their portal.
Developing the content of TC05 in English. 

Content development in Hungarian (TC02)
Reporting the conclusion of the Hungarian survey based on the statistical summary provide soon by Prompt.
Taking part in the organizing and establishin the training for tutors in Hungary 


Inviting teachers, trainers to fill out the German questionnaire
Giving a short summary about the state of the art of EQF.
Keeping with and give suggestions to the ongoing developments.
Use its wide partnership in Europe to invite taechers/trainers to fill out the English questionnaire.


Organizing the survey in Turkey
Edit ing the 3rd issue of the Newsletter

Thank for all of you in advance!

Gödöllő, 30. July 2009.

Maria Hartyanyi
project coordinator


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