Progress Report 4

Dear Partners,

as we are close to the half of our project period, we went through again all the earlier and future tasks related to the WPs and the planned results. You find a very detailed descripition of the tasks in the new version of the Quality Management Handbook  (uploaded into the folder:  Documents/WP0_Project_Management/results/R1-PQM Handbook), and you will get a memo with your part via e-mail.

I kindly ask you to controll both documents (yours and QMH) and give me omments, ask questions about your part via e-mail in both cases: if  you agree and if you do not agree with its content, or if some parts  would not be clear.

This is very important, because of the future collaboration and otherwise because of the interim report coming soon in September.

The crucial part of the development is starting just now, we have to


1. finalize the Tenegen Competency Framework (create a consistency among the outcomes and assignments)

2. finish the needs-analysis,

3. start the content development (authoring, translating, proofreading), 

4. implement the TenLOs repository,

5. implement the e-learning environment with all learning objects

I know, that we are just in the middle of the summer time, but you should be aware of our deadlines: the Hungarian course will start in October!


For the meeting (thanks for CNR in advance!) Prompt will present an exact desription of the module components and their technological solutions. The detailed agenda of the meeting will be prepared during the next weeks.

The communication on the portal became a bit slighter than was it earlier, after the monitoring we seem to be a bit exhausted. I ask you to follow the communication on the forum topics:

1. Course components and design WP1- to finish the Competency Framework

2. Content development, review, translation - WP3 - to start the next step

3. Learning Object Repositories - WP2 to follow the discussion on TenLOs

4. Project Management - WP0 - ask qeustions concerning TQMH

The survey is going on in Hungary in the background, but has not been started in Turkey. I ask the Hungarian partners to invite teachers to the survey, because the number of the filled questionnaire are increasing very slowly!

This report should start an intensive working period, please, keep with!

Maria Hartyányi

project coordinator








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