Tenegen on Online Educa in Berlin

Several partners of the project visited the Online Educa Conference in Berlin on 1-3th of December. Tenegen has a stand among the exhibitiors which was visited hundrends of the participants from all over the world. We hope that this event creates the conditions for sustaining  the Tenegen results. On the stand the English version of the "Tenegen - Teachers challenged by the Net Generation" in printed form/on CD and the booklet presenting the project results were handed over for the visitors. I gave a presentation too in the session of "Classroom Evolution" where for about 50 visitors took part - the time was for me very short to tell all what we have done during the two years.

Thank for CAPDM for helping to organize this event for us, and many thanks for everybody who worked with us in preparing our presentations!

Maria Hartyanyi project coordinator

TENEGEN – Networking Environment – helping TEachers to reach the NET GENeration

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