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Dear All,

as BUNI failed to publish the 3. issue  in May  (we may explain it in the interim report, that before knowing the decisions of the Palermo meeting we did not want to publish the Tenegen news...), CNR published the 3rd issue in July. For this reason I have to modify the original plan, which was:

P00-PROMPT Publishes Newsletters 1.,2., 10. issues
P05-BUNI Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2009 May, 3. issue
P01-CNR Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2009 July, 4. issue
P02-ISERG Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2009 October, 5. issue
P03-CAPDM Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2009 December, 6. issue
P04-DEKRA Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2010 February, 7. issue
P06-ÖJSZIGK Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2010 April, 8. issue
P08-BJMSZ Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2010 June 9. issue

The present situation:

Issues Partner Date 
1 P0-PROMPT January 2009 Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2009 January 1. issue
2 P0-PROMPT March 2009  Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2009  March, 2. issue
3 P01-CNR July 2009  Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2009 July, 3. issue
4 P02-ISERG September 2009 Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2009 September, 4. issue
5 P03-CAPDM November 2010 Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2009 November, 5. issue
6 P04-DEKRA January 10  Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2010 January, 6. issue
7 P05-BUNI March 10  Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2010 March 7. issue
8 P06-ÖJSZIGK May 10  Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2010 May, 8. issue
9 P08-BJMSZ July 2010  Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2010 July 9. issue
10 P0-PROMPT September 2010 Publishes Tenegen Newsletter in 2010 September ,10. issues

I modified the QMH according the changes, and uploaded its new version, but you will find the modification (all we have to carry on later) collected at the and of the document!
I am kindly asking everyone of you: please do not forget to do your part! The template for creating the newsletters are uploaded as (Word doc) into the folder: Documents/WP8-Dissemination/Template. The author needs only to fill out the variable part of the text, and embed some photos, graphics, if you have - this gives you really not to much work! Am I right Giovanni? (He published already the 3rd issue, thank you!

Best regards

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