Project management

Tenegen project closed - the collaboration is going on ...

Dear Partners!

I am happy to announce that we submitted the final report, and I hope it will be accepted.

Final report - tasks

Dear Partners!

We are very close to the end of Tenegen project, we have to focus on last steps:

1. As you remember, we have to present the Tenegen's valorization plan. On the last meeting we agreed that every partner should send me a short summary about its plan: how the results of the project will be utilized in its professional work, in its country?

Interim report

Dear All,

as you know we are hardly working on the Hungarian course content (and structure) which will start on 21st of October. We are over the Hungarian tutor training, and just now the enrollment is going on. we will have for about 70 teachers, trainers. (The translation into English began too.)

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Administrative and financial issues

!!en!! Dear All! Please find bellow the last version of  the Administrative and Financial Handbook for LLP/LdV projects.

!!hu!! Kedves Kollegák! Csatolva megtaláljátok az LLP/LvD projektek Adminisztratív és Pénzügyi Kézikönyvét, ami ugyan egy kicsit hosszú, de érdemes felütni, ha valami probléma adódna az elszámolással.


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