On-line Educa, Berlin Dec 10

Tenegen takes part on the conference in December.  Come to discuss our presentations and the roles of the partners on the event. I try to submit a proposal for paper about the experiences of the Hungarian course. The title would be

"Ask the teachers! - the experiences of  Tenegen pilot in Hungary"

I feel it not to good. What do you think?

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Workarounds in Moodle

Ezt a fórum témát azért indítottam, hogy megvitassunk néhány olyan megoldást, ami a Moodle használat közben keletkezett problémáinkra született. A workaround kifejezés magyarul megkerülést jelent. Ezek olyan megoldásokat jelölnek, amelyek nem valamely funkció bekapcsolásában merülnek ki, hanem a rendszer mélyebb ismeretét igényelve kihasználják a lehetőségeket.

Sister (or at least related) project: FICTUP

Dear Project Partners,

I'd like you to have a look at the FICTUP project website: http://fictup.inpl-nancy.fr/index.php/Main_Page

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Dissemination WP8

Dear All,

as BUNI failed to publish the 3. issue  in May  (we may explain it in the interim report, that before knowing the decisions of the Palermo meeting we did not want to publish the Tenegen news...), CNR published the 3rd issue in July. For this reason I have to modify the original plan, which was:

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Kedves Multimédia fejlesztők!

Itt kommunikáljunk az aktuális  feladatokról!

Hartyányi Mária

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Educational conversation and web 2.0 tools

Hi all

I have been invited at the MediaShow 2009 in Melfi, last 27 March. The title of my speech has been "Educational Conversation with Web 2.0 tools". During the speech I have cited the Tenegen project.

Find here my presentation (from SlideShare). Sorry: it's in Italian.


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Tenegen Learning Resources Repository

!! qq !!

   This is  a proposal for the repository of learning resources that should be implemented for the Tenegen community.The repository is based on the Freeloms platform we developed in the context of the Sloop project. The main features of the repository are listed: 

Needs Analysis

 Discussion of the questionnaire

Dear Partners,

I attached the summary of your comments and the modified questionnaire respecting on the comments. Please go trough again as soon as possible. We should reach its final version and start to translate it!



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Questions to WP1

Questions based on the presentation of Pierfranco and Maria, regarding the possible pedagogical structure of the project (transfer of NETIS approach)

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