Questions to WP1

Questions based on the presentation of Pierfranco and Maria, regarding the possible pedagogical structure of the project (transfer of NETIS approach)


Three teachers in a secondary school make a methodological well structured, usefull, nice simulation. Which output has to be expected? What could be the competences (learning goals) in the context of network learning?

A possible solution as a first draft:

The teacher is able...

  1. to make a simulation in collaborative work.

  2. to transfer the methodology of the (technical) construction of the simulation in a network.

  3.  to transfer the pedagogical results of the use of the simulation in a forum.

  4. to find in the web material on the pedagogical using of similar simulations.

  5. to make and share a database for online literature of the topic.


( To develope this kind of a sophisticated output was the first – and absolute not easy - step in the NETIS approach.)

What kind of well defined collaborative tasks can support the competence 1, 2,3,4,5?

(This was the pedagogical core of the NETIS approach. To make collaborative, web-supported creative projects was a very complicated task for the „content creator“ in the NETIS project!! )

What kind of technical tools we can give to solve this tasks? (web 2.0 tools) (Not only a secondary question, regarding the presented materials: is it a definitive task of our course to teach the technical site too? For not IT teacher too?)

What kind of pedagogical guide we can give to the tasks?

What kind of online literature we have to put in the module to reflect the work, to support the process?

What can be the „LO“ and „content“ in this context? Will we re-structure the existing materials in this sense or I take my module in this way and the other modules maintain the original structure (approach)?

I think, to answer to questions to a concrete example is better, as a long theoretical material....Can you help me?


Best regards: István



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