Tenegen project closed - the collaboration is going on ...

Dear Partners!

I am happy to announce that we submitted the final report, and I hope it will be accepted.

Today we uploaded the Turkish version of the textbook (attached to here), and we have the final dissemination brochure in Turkish too. Many-many thanks for Selin and Ayhan for the hard work. (I have to admit the Hungarian version needs some days before published :) !)

You find the final versions of the products among the documents in the folder "FinalProducts" and they are available from the left side menu too - there are direct links here to them.

The work is not completely finished, we have some small finalization on Tenegen products. We worked a lot to make similar the structure of the course according the suggestion of Piearfranco, Ken and Janine Mahood. The content is more or less completed but I to be honest I am convinced that it will be never finished. (By the way: Ed, please say Janine to find the lesson about technology convergence - she claimed in her report she did not find it :( !)

I would like to say many thanks for all of you! Thank you Selin, Ayhan, Ed, Pierfranco, István B., Giovanni, Emanule, Mario, Davide, Ken, Martin, Tenegen Teachers and Tutors: Aniko, Judit, Árpád B., László G., Andrea, Péter T., Árpád V. ! This consortium had the power to balance the failures of the coordinator!

I think the collaboration was in Tenegen great, and I am sure the end of the project does not equal with the end of the collaboration! Prompt will continue Tenegen, it will invite you of course, and I hope you will not resist :)!

You have to be aware that after some weeks we may get questions from the Hungarian National Agency (I hope we will not), and I will forward the questions to you !!!

As regards Tenegen: all the portals will be a available, you are free to use it for starting any further collaboration, to publish, share important news related to Tenegen, or to any topic you think interesting for us.

All the best!!!