Final report - tasks

Dear Partners!

We are very close to the end of Tenegen project, we have to focus on last steps:

1. As you remember, we have to present the Tenegen's valorization plan. On the last meeting we agreed that every partner should send me a short summary about its plan: how the results of the project will be utilized in its professional work, in its country?

"The goal of a valorisation plan is to explain how during and after the end of the project the results will be disseminated and exploited so as to make them “sustainable” (= once the project has come to an end, the results must continue to be deployed in different vocational training contexts). A valorisation plan must therefore necessarily set out in a balanced and accurate way the activities relating to dissemination and the activities relating to and facilitating exploitation of the results by the end and/or potential users and for the benefit of target groups clearly identified from the project design stage." (LdV Programme: The valorisation plan guidelines for project promoters)


a) You are free to use the online form (you find it here: ). You can access the form  the menu: HOME/WEBFORMS/Valorization plan too. (Ken has filled it out already, Selin started to fill, but she did not finish yet).
b) If you like, you can write your plan in a Word document, and attach here, or send it to me via e-mail.

2. We are working on the R10 - Tenegen textbook. The English version will be ready till the end of the month because we will take with us to the conference OnlineEduca. Thank for the contribution for Ken, Martin (CAPDM), István (ISERG), Ed (DEKRA), Giovanni (CNR). I hope you will be satisfied with the result. For the conference we will produce printed version (in English), but  the Hungarian and Turkish versions will be published on CD, because we are over the planned project costs.

3. As you remember, we agreed in Budapest, that every partner will collect the documents for the financial report as soon as possible. It is our common interest, that we should be transferred the last 20% of the funding as soon as possible. Of course we will not be able submit the final report before the middle of December, but to be able to do so we need your financial report before.

Dear All, I have to apologize, I have to let out some weeks in the communication because of my influenza collected at Pécs (and developed to a pneumonia :( ), but from now I feel much better, and ready to start Tenegen 2.0 with you!

Best regards