Tenegen Newsletter 05.2010

The 6th issue of Tenegen Newsletter was published by Ken Currie (CAPDM Ltd., UK - http://www.capdm.com/capdmweb/app), please see the attachment! Beyond the project's news you find a very interesteing article in it about the ROA (Resources Oriented Architecture) of the e-leaning systems.

"It‟s not uncommon to hear course developers, instructional designers and e-learning managers come out with statements like “SABA does it this way …” or “WebCT wants me to do this …”. They are hostages to the technological. We want the teacher to be saying “my learning materials would benefit from this learning feature … so I will include it”. It is the job of the VLE to support the learning requirements dictated by this content. It is not acceptable to have the restrictions of the VLE to dictate what the teacher – the expert – can include...."

Please see the whole article and Tenegen news!

Gödöllő, May of 2010.
Tenegen team

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