Digital economy can lift Europe out of crisis

Digital economy can lift Europe out of crisis, says European Commission report


"We should seize the opportunity of a new generation of Europeans who will soon be calling the shots in the European market place. These young people are intensive internet users and are also highly demanding consumers. To release the economic potential of these 'digital natives', we must make access to digital content an easy and fair game." said Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media.


By 2008, 56% of Europeans had become regular internet users, a leap of one third since 2004. Half of households and more than 80% of businesses now have a broadband connection. A new generation of Europeans mastering the web and ready to apply its innovations is coming on stage. These "digital natives" hold great potential for Europe's growth.

Internet use will soar as Europe's "digital natives" begin their professional lives, increasingly shaping and dominating market trends. As traditional business models stall, companies will have to offer services attractive to the next generation of users, while legislators should create the right conditions to facilitate access to new online content while also ensuring remuneration for the creators.

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