Project Basics

Acronym: TENEGEN

Title: Connect the teachers to reach and teach the Net Generation

Duration: 1.October 2008 – 30. September 2010

Action type: Transfer of Innovation

Programme: Leonardo da Vinci – LLL Subprogramme

Participating countries: Hungary, Italy, Germany, Turkey


Contact: Mária Hartyányi, Prompt-G Educational Centre  for Informatics, Hungary


PROMPT            Prompt-G Educational Centre for Informatics, HU (Co-ordinator)

CNR                  National Research Council - Institute for Educational Technology, IT

ISERG               Information Society Education and Research Group University of

                        West Hungary, HU

CAPDM             CAPDM Ltd,.UK

DEKRA              DEKRA Akademie GmbH, DE

BUNI                 Balýkesir University TR

ÖJSZIGK           Öveges József Vocational and Grammar School, HU

NIVE                 National Institute of Adult and Vocational Education, HU

BJMSZ              Bottyán János Vocational Secondary School, HU

KGYGIVSZ        Krúdy Gyula Secondary School, HU

SZIGSZ            Széchenyi István Secondary Grammar School, HU

Target groups

Þ       teachers and trainers in vocational education,

Þ       trainers in adult education;

Þ       school-leaders (headmasters) in VET schools and the staff of higher education institutes,

Þ       students of vocational schools ;

Þ       university students;

Þ       policy makers;

Þ       European e-learning providers.


Þ       elaborate a pedagogical model of network learning and ‘connectivism’;

Þ       develop an online repository of Open Source Learning Objects;

Þ       develop a TENEGEN network learning environment based on open source LMS;

Þ       elaborate and implement five training modules in three languages (HU, EN, TR);

Þ       establish pilot training courses for teachers and trainers;

Þ       validate and verify the results in VET schools;

Þ       disseminate the results all over Europe.


WP0                  Project management

WP1                  TENEGEN System Analysis and Design based on pedagogical and

                        sociological outcomes of NETIS

WP2                  TENEGEN Systems Analysis and Design based on the concept of


WP3                  Content development, review, translation

WP4                  Implementation of TENEGEN networking platform

WP5                  E-learning - the school of the future - Pilot course I.

WP6                  Pilot course in VET schools

WP7                  Evaluation

WP8                  Dissemination and valorisation

Planned results

Online further training programme for teachers and trainers in five module in three language (HU, EN, TR), implementing them in Moodle environment, and piloting the course in three countries (HU, EN, TR) and piloting them in the target (importer) countries Hungary and Turkey. The Consortium intended to deliver the new paradigm of network learning to the teachers and trainers in the vocational education, to help them “to reach and teach the Net Generation”.

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