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Kick-off registration

Please fill this form to registrate kick-off meeting on 13/11/2008

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Please select all nights, you will spend in the hotel. The kick-off meeting on 13-15 of November13. November:  10:00-21:0014. November:    9:00-18:0015. November     9:00-16:00
Other things.
On 15th November 14:30-16:30  Royal Palace Elizabeth
Please decide wether you will take part on the Welcome Dinner on 13th of Nov. 18.00:21:00



1. A felső sávban megjelenő "Menü" ikonra kattintunk, megjelenik a TENEGEN menüszerkezet

2. A Szerkesztés funkcióval átnevezhető, stb.


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TENEGEN Kick-off Meeting

Kick-off Actuals

See the attachments:

 Dear Partners!

Please read the Agenda of our meeting, and the Registration table, in where your bookings are recorded. Our ask to you: please check your records and correct it if needed. In some lines we need further information, please fill them to enable us to fix all booking data. We have to close all orders possible on this week, so may we ask you to provide us all details in the tables.

How to correct the details:

1. Click the link : Registration table,
2. Find the row related to your institute,
3. Click Edit,
4. Correct your data,
5. Do not forget to save the modification with the button below!

If you do not find any row in the table related to you, please klick the link: Registration., and give a new row with your data!

Many thanks in advance!


Visit the hotel, where our kick-off meeting will be placed! 

Hotel Queen Erzsébet, Gödöllő

It hardly seems that our meeting will be

from 13 Nov. - 15 Nov.

Registration.   Registration table  
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Siemens prezentációja a konnektivizmusról

Ma megnéztem G.

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Network Learning

 Dear Partners,

this post is only a test! We start the professional work in TENEGEN with design the pedagogical model of Network Learning. The leader of the work package is Dr. István Bessenyei (P2-ISREG). I hope he will start a discussion (in the frame of a blog, forum, book - what he prefers) describing the theoretical and practical points of view he formulated during the last ten years.

Maria Hartyanyi

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