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Please come to discuss the valorization plan of Tenegen!

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Moodle and other problem children

I hate to sound like a complainer, but ...

Is there any reason why I cannot change my profile picture in Moodle. Deleting the current picture and saving deletes the current picture. Trying to upload a new picture and saving brings back the deleted picture. This is not how this is supposed to work.

Getting into Moodle

Greetings, All,

This may sound like a backward question, but I was trying to follow the link from the Results page, and when I click on R11 or R12, I'm taken to the Moodle page.

On-line Educa, Berlin Dec 10

Tenegen takes part on the conference in December.  Come to discuss our presentations and the roles of the partners on the event. I try to submit a proposal for paper about the experiences of the Hungarian course. The title would be

"Ask the teachers! - the experiences of  Tenegen pilot in Hungary"

I feel it not to good. What do you think?

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Interim report

Dear All,

as you know we are hardly working on the Hungarian course content (and structure) which will start on 21st of October. We are over the Hungarian tutor training, and just now the enrollment is going on. we will have for about 70 teachers, trainers. (The translation into English began too.)

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Web meeting

To start webmeeting:

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Dissemination WP8

Dear All,

as BUNI failed to publish the 3. issue  in May  (we may explain it in the interim report, that before knowing the decisions of the Palermo meeting we did not want to publish the Tenegen news...), CNR published the 3rd issue in July. For this reason I have to modify the original plan, which was:

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Kedves Multimédia fejlesztők!

Itt kommunikáljunk az aktuális  feladatokról!

Hartyányi Mária

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Evaluation of Meeting #2


I have created an evaluation survey (just 5 statements to rate from 1 to 5) for our meeting in Palermo last week. I would like to ask that all participants take the time to complete it (say, by 14 July 2009, at which time I'll put together a formal evaluation report (R18).

Once again, many thanks to everyone - especially our partners from CNR - for a great meeting.


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Progress Report 4

Dear Partners,

as we are close to the half of our project period, we went through again all the earlier and future tasks related to the WPs and the planned results. You find a very detailed descripition of the tasks in the new version of the Quality Management Handbook  (uploaded into the folder:  Documents/WP0_Project_Management/results/R1-PQM Handbook), and you will get a memo with your part via e-mail.

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