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Content development (WP3) - Implementation (WP4)

Discussions for WP3-WP4

I suggest to continue the discussions to WP3-WP4 here in this forum including the topics regarding the implementation of TenLOs application too. BUT the main topic now is: the translation and the implementations of the content!

Come here to comment if you agree.


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Tenegen project closed - the collaboration is going on ...

Dear Partners!

I am happy to announce that we submitted the final report, and I hope it will be accepted.

Tenegen Workflow and Storyboard


TWS is documentation for the technical establishment of Tenegen modules in learning management systems. It describes all the course components needed to reach the learning objectives, and to the effective development of the skills and competences defined in the pedagogical model.

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Final report - tasks

Dear Partners!

We are very close to the end of Tenegen project, we have to focus on last steps:

1. As you remember, we have to present the Tenegen's valorization plan. On the last meeting we agreed that every partner should send me a short summary about its plan: how the results of the project will be utilized in its professional work, in its country?

Meeting in Pécs

Tenegen conference in Pécs - 1-2 October 2010.

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I have worked through the Books in TC05 and updated the Englisg -- which was actually quite good.


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Aktuális feladatok 2010 július

Kedves Kollegák!
Megköszönve mindenkinek az eddig végzett munkáját, csatolom a Tenegen aktuális teendőit áttekintő dokumentumot!
Hartyányi Mária

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Progress report 7

Dear All!
I attach the document with the decisions of the Budapest meeting - defining the next tasks and the deadlines related to them. The document was uploaded into the folder: / documents / WP0_Project Management / meetings / hungary / Budapest2010.
I kindly ask you to read the document and ask us, if we made mistakes!

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