Why do we ask you to fill it in?

Beyond doubt the networking tools developed during the last 15 years will not leave education untouched - schools and education in general have had to respond to the new challenges. Every one of us, either being a teacher or a parent all over the world, may agree with the author of the following article - albeit he is writing about the Hungarian kids:
“But we were completely different kids. Maybe we had a Walkman, we went on holidays to Lake Balaton or at best, to the Yugoslav coast, and we were happy when Grandpa gave us his old watch as a present. Now kids have their own laptop and shop online. They carry their music collection in their MP3 players. If you want to reach them as consumers or readers, you need to make a completely different kind of magazine or advertisement than you would have done 20 years ago.” (Bence Ságvári: Fanta Trendreport, 2008. - a summary in English: http://www.amcham.hu , the whole article in Hungarian: http://www.ithaka.hu)

Yet, there is one thing that has not changed: kids of the digital age need our help just as much (or more) as ever before. Please help us, teachers and trainers - by filling out this questionnaire - to decide what we should learn about the "ubiquitous networking world" to be able to navigate them, to be able to reach them with our pedagogical efforts.

Translation of Needs Analysis Questionnaire

At our meeting in Palermo, we decided that it might be a good idea to translate our needs analysis questionnaire into German. I would like to start on this, but I don't know how to go about it.

I assume the questionnaire should be available online, so I would guess that the online version needs to be translated. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to add a translation. Is this the "Clone" function, or must the administrator set up a document I can translate?

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