Tenegen Workflow and Storyboard


TWS is documentation for the technical establishment of Tenegen modules in learning management systems. It describes all the course components needed to reach the learning objectives, and to the effective development of the skills and competences defined in the pedagogical model.

The importance of a comprehensive e-learning design was highly stressed by the experts of Tenegen, in order to establish a consistency between the pedagogical, methodological, physiological and technological factors of the learning/teaching process.

TWS aims to reach strong consistency among the applied course components and the learning objectives. It defines the course components for the modules and gives a technological guide for the implementation the learning objects into Moodle environment. TWS we used the study written by Ken Currie (the expert of our English partner, CAPDM Ltd.) who based his course design methods on the most widely applied international standards.

Target group

Direct target group: supervisors, tutors, instructors who will take part in the establishment of the course.
Indirect: e-learning providers, e-learning designers, tutors, instructors who want to establish a successful online course for teachers to develop their e-learning 2.0 competences.


TWS describes all course components needed to fulfill the learning objectives defined in Tenegen Pedagogical Model and to scaffold the development of skills and competences defined in Tenegen Competency Framework. It serves as a guide for the implementation.

Area of application

The main idea behind TWS was that e-learning will be successful only if the technology serves as background for the pedagogical aims. The designing methodology to fulfill this requirement is based the conception that the LMS chosen for the implementation makes possible to build the environment from flexible modules. TWS was elaborated for the Tenegen course, but the model can be used generally in designing e-learning solutions based on Moodle or other LMS which supports the modularity.

Mária Hartyányi, Prompt education, Hungary
Ken Currie, CAPDM Ltd. UK

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