Tenegen Curricula


The document contains very detailed descriptions of the five Tenegen modules. The module descriptions contain all practical information (learning objectives and outcomes, preliminary knowledge, assignments with credits. etc.) for teachers who take part in the online training.). At the same time the curricula define all conditions and quality management issues for establishment the modules in any circumstances and environment. 

Target group

Primary target group: teachers and trainers of vocational and adult education, staff of higher education, students of VET schools, university students of teacher education

Secondary target groups: headmasters of VET schools, European e-learning providers, HE institutes for teacher education.


The main idea while planning TC was that in an online training the participants have to be provided with all structural and practical information to make them able to decide about the enrollment according to the schedule, to the estimated workload etc. The consortium elaborated a common template for the descriptions adapting standards of the program-accreditation system of the Hungarian adult education.

Area of application

TC serves as a guide for the development of the pedagogical framework of the modules, at the same time it could be used as a basis for the information package published on the LMS for the present or for the would be participants.

TC01- E-learning concepts: Mária Hartyányi, Prompt Education, Hungary
TC02: Networked Learning: Dr. István Bessenyei, West-Hungarian University, Hungary
TC03: Educational use of ICT tools: István Kiss, Prompt Education, Hungary
TC04: Classroom event in Moodle: Gábor Lajtos: Prompt Education, Hungary
TC05: Sharing Learning Objects: Giovanni Fulantelli, National Research Council, Italy
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Project: http://tenegen.eu
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