TC05 - Sharing learning objects


This module will help the participants to understand the “open” philosophy/model which has been successfully adopted in the field of software development; to identify the state of the art concerning Learning Objects (LOs), LOs standards and LOs repositories; to describe the features of a specific model for learning object, called openLO; to discover the opportunities, for schools and teachers, of a sharing/co-operative approach in LOs production.
-    Using eLearning to enhance teaching and learning in schools: the learning materials, a critical point,
-    Reusability, adaptability, interoperability: the Learning Object model and the SCORM and LOM standards.
-    The “open” model: free/opensource software and open content. The copyleft licences.
-    The openLO model: technical, pedagogical and legal aspects.
-    Learning Object Repositories: features and characteristics of the principal digital repositories.
-    The freeLOms: an environment where to share and produce LOs in a co-operative way.

Target group

Primary target group: teachers and trainers of vocational and adult education, staff of higher education, students of VET schools, university students of teacher education

Secondary target groups: headmasters of VET schools, European e-learning providers, HE institutes for teacher education.


Online training module implemented in Moodle environment in three languages (Hungarian, English, Turkish), including core contents, detailed module information for the participants, video tutorials and integrated web 2.0 tools, self assessment tools, tasks, tests, feedbacks.

Area of application

This further training module available through the Internet (as a part of the Tenegen course) for European teachers who want to gain the competences to use e-learning methods in their classroom work. At the end of the module the participants will be able to create standard e-learning objects, to publish it in LMS, and use it with their students. They understand how they can utilize the offers of online repositories, and how they can share they own e-learning products online.


Giovanni Fulantelli
Pierfranco Ravotto:
National Research Council (CNR) - Institute for Educational Technology, Italy

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